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Dear Kitsap Lake Community,

I want to let you know we have obtained access across four private properties through purchase transactions or easements that hopefully will allow us to connect a private road from Ueland Tree Farm to Werner Road. We have been fortunate to locate a path for a road that is feasible from an environmental, design and construction standpoint.

If approved, the proposed road will allow Ueland Tree Farm to shift truck traffic from mining activities from Northlake Way to Werner Road.

One of the properties purchased, Kitsap Quarry, also provides us with the ability to shift processing of aggregates from Gravel "A" to the existing Kitsap Quarry site. We are very pleased to note that the proposed access route and possible shifting of aggregate processing to Kitsap Quarry address the two main issues raised by the public during the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) hearings in 2010-2011.

To make these changes we have sent the following letter (link below) to Kitsap County requesting a one-year extension to our CUP in order to:

  • Complete the interagency coordination and approval of access rights to facilitate the new access route;

  • Process and seek approval of a major revision to the UTF Mineral CUP associated with the new access route;

  • Complete the development agreement with Kitsap County; and

  • Design and permit the new access route.

As always, we will endeavor to keep you informed as we move forward.

Warm regards,


Craig Ueland


LINK: CUP Modification and Mineral Development Information

ENCL:  Link to Extension Request Letter




Welcome to the Ueland Tree Farm, LLC web site. This site has been established by Ueland Tree Farm as a resource for the community and other interested parties to share information about proposed activities at Ueland Tree Farm.  The tree farm includes a 1,700-acre working forest located near Kitsap Lake in central Kitsap County. In addition, the tree farm also includes the Carney Lake property, also in Kitsap County.

The web site was established in March 2007 and will be periodically updated as new information becomes available.

As tree farm projects move ahead, if you would like to participate by providing input, please e-mail us by clicking on the "Contact Us" link above and we will add your name to an e-mail list so we can keep in touch with you about upcoming activities. Please include the phrase "interested in providing input" in the body of your email.

Thank you for your interest in Ueland Tree Farm, LLC. If you have any other questions or comments regarding the tree farm, please click the "Contact Us" link above or click here.

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