About our Tree Farm


My wife, Nicole, and I purchased 1,700 acres above Kitsap Lake as a long-term investment in 2004. Since that initial purchase our holdings in the Kitsap Lake area have grown to over 2,200 acres. Together with my high school buddy, Mark Mauren, who spent 31 years at the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, primarily in forestry and recreation, we have worked to manage  Ueland Tree Farm (UTF) in an environmentally sustainable manner. 

Demonstrating that community demand for natural resources such as a timber and rock can be met in an environmentally and socially responsible manner is one of our objectives. We believe this is achievable while also allowing recreational opportunities for the public and earning an attractive long-term rate of return on our investment.

Our intention is to keep most of the land in long-term forestry, with some parcels developed for their mineral resources and returned back to forestry after the minerals have been removed. We are committed to protecting key riparian areas, the primary wildlife corridors that cross our property, and water quality and flows that impact the Chico Creek salmon run.

As a Pacific Northwest native, our family has been blessed to hike, backpack, canoe, raft, bike, and ride horses on hundreds and hundreds of miles of trails and rivers in the Puget Sound region over the past half century. Many of these trips have been on publicly owned land, but some have crossed private property as well.  In this spirit, we are pleased to keep UTF open to the public for responsible, non-motorized recreation.

For more information and a trail map, please see the Public Access section.





We also support local gardeners through our Annual Two-day Native Plant Salvage Event, which is typically held on a weekend in February in conjunction with Kitsap County Master Gardeners. If you would like to be added to the contact list for this event, please send Mark Mauren a note at mauren.wa@gmail.com.

We welcome your feedback and greatly appreciate the many people who help us watch over UTF by contacting us when they spot something suspicious on the property.

If you would like to ask a question or share a comment. Please contact us.

Together, we can continue to make this part of Kitsap County one of the most beautiful and livable areas in the country—and indeed in the world!

Craig Ueland
Managing Member
Ueland Tree Farm, LLC


2004 Acquired 1,700 acres above Kitsap Lake from Port Blakely Tree Farms under the name Ueland Tree Farm, LLC

2009 Established Conservation Easement with Mountaineers Foundation on 100 acres near Chico and Lost Creeks to protect critical watershed areas

2009 Acquired 470 acre urban parcel from Port Blakely under name of Bremerton West Ridge, LLC, (BWR), a sister company of UTF

2011 Received Conditional Use Permit for Mineral Extraction from Kitsap County

2012 Acquired nearby Kitsap Quarry from Rock Enterprises

2012 Sold 68 acres near Chico Creek to Mountaineers Foundation in an effort to further protect Chico Creek, the most productive salmon run in Kitsap County

2013 Purchased 115 acres between Kitsap Quarry and the railroad tracks, which was the last of four private property acquisitions needed for an internal access route between UTF and Kitsap Quarry

2014 Completed Property Exchange with City of Bremerton, helping protect the Bremerton watershed, improve internal access between BWR and UTF, and better align property boundaries for both parties

2016 Merged BWR into UTF to simplify operations; established Ueland Family holding company to help protect property for future generations

2018 Sold 36 additional acres to the Mountaineers Foundation to further protect the Chico Creek watershed

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