Proposed CUP Modifications




Ueland Tree Farm is proposing to modify our approved Mineral Resource Development Project in response to two concerns raised by the public during the Conditional Use Permit (CUP) approval process, as well as address some relatively minor clean-up items.

As part of our commitment to transparency and desire for constructive feedback on our proposed project, posted below are copies of the documents that have been submitted to Kitsap County regarding our proposed CUP Modification Application.

Proposed modifications

Shift gravel truck traffic from Lebers Lane/Northlake Way to Werner Road.

  • Potentially relocate the proposed aggregate processing facility from Gravel “A” to a nearby off-site industrial location not within the UTF Project Site. The proposed aggregate processing facility would likely include a conveyor system, which would be parallel to the proposed haul route.

The proposed Werner Road connection provides a shorter and more direct haul route for gravel trucks leaving Ueland Tree Farm (and the existing Kitsap Quarry) to State Route 3 and reduces the amount of truck traffic on Lebers Lane and Northlake Way. Relocating the proposed aggregate processing facility to an industrial area, if practical, may fit better from a land use, neighborhood impact, and business perspective.

Clean-up items

  • Remove Gravel “B” from the CUP.  Gravel “B” was donated to the Mountaineers Foundation in December 2009 as a conservation easement and will not be developed.
  • UTF discovered a few parcel numbers that were included in the original UTF Project Site that are not owned by UTF and are not part of the development. We are requesting these parcels be removed from the Project Site.

CUP modification review process

A Public Hearing on the proposed CUP Modification is expected to be held by the County Hearing Examiner in late 2014 or early 2015.

It is important to recognize that the CUP Modification review process is limited to a review of our proposed modifications to the existing, approved CUP. It does not revisit the entire CUP approval, but rather focuses on the portion of the CUP related to re-routing the primary haul route from Northlake Way to Werner Road and potentially shifting the processing facility off site.

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