How to Access our Tree Farm


Access to Ueland Tree Farm

We are pleased to open our tree farm to the public for responsible, non-motorized recreation. For many decades our family has benefited from private landowners allowing us to cross their property for a hike, bike ride, horseback ride, or to reach a ‘put in’ or ‘take out’ on a river canoe or kayak trip. Our quality of life in the Pacific Northwest is enhanced when private property remains open to the public, and we are fortunate our legislators in Olympia have had the foresight to encourage private property owners to keep their lands open through the protections offered under RCW 4.24.210.

Lebers Lane Trailhead

The most convenient public access to Ueland Tree Farm is from the trailhead located at the end of Lebers Lane, just off of Northlake Way. The trailhead is being expanded in 2017  to accommodate the growing number of visitors. This expansion includes parking for 20  vehicles and pull through parking for 5 horse trailers. Using salvaged wood from the property, we plan to install fencing and make other improvements in 2017-18.

Special thanks to Craig Romano, whose 2016 book Urban Trails Kitsap features Ueland Tree Farm trails as one of its recommended walks in Kitsap County.


Chico Trail and Lost Creek Trail

Working closely with Kitsap County and other nearby landowners, Ueland Tree Farm is pleased to partner in creating the Chico and Lost Creek Trails, the start of a non-motorized recreational trail network that eventually will extend to Jorsted Creek Park south of our property, Newberry Hill Heritage Park and west to Green Mountain State Forest.

The Chico Trail can be accessed from the end of Lebers Lane and extends west past Dickerson Falls before turning south providing a 4 mile hike and eventually circling back to the Lebers Lane trailhead.

The Lost Creek Trail begins at its intersection with the Chico Trail about a half mile from the Lebers Lane trailhead. It extends northwest toward forestland owned by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources. This trail will eventually be used to access Green Mountain State Forest and Newberry Heritage Park.

Kitsap County Public Works is examining the feasibility of constructing a pedestrian and bike trail from Jorsted Creek Park to Kitsap Lake Road. This trail would cross the City of Bremerton Watershed and the Southeast portion of Ueland Tree Farm.

Please click here for a trail map.


UTF is an active tree farm. Please beware of logging and mining operations, truck traffic, wild animals, hunters, steep slopes, waterfalls, and other visitors, among other hazards.

We are open to the following uses:

  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Walking Dogs
  • Jogging/Running
  • Picking of berries and mushrooms
  • Hunting (as regulated by the Department of Fish and Wildlife)

Restricted/prohibited uses:

Prohibited uses include - but are not limited to - the following:

  • Motorized vehicles, including ATVs
  • Camping or fires
  • Fireworks
  • Target Shooting
  • Cutting or harvesting of timber or vegetation
  • Any commercial, research or monitoring activities

As a private landowner, Ueland Tree Farm reserves its rights to restrict or limit entry to its property. Exceptions to the above rules must be approved in writing in advance.



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